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THEY'LL DO THE WASHING! Wally the Washer is a fantastic washing machine based junior board game with a drum that really revolves. All kids are fascinated by washing machines and Wally is no exception!

WHERE'S MY OTHER SOCK? In this children's action game, players will pop their clothes into Wally, close the door and watch the drum go round and round. First player to fill their washing line wins!

PRETEND PLAY - Children will quickly become familiar with the mechanics of using a washing machine, pegs and hanging up the clothes making this educational toy a great support for children to learn the importance of household chores

EDUCATIONAL GAME - This pre school game is an excellent learning toy for children as it helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Gift this fun board game to support child development!

AGE AND PLAYERS - Wally is a fun kids action game designed to be played by between 2 and 4 players aged 4+. Loads of fun guaranteed for children and adults!


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