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The Chelsea doll and Tiki Hut playset is a vacation oasis with so many ways to have fun on the sand and with sand; a tub of moldable sand is included

Build a sand sculpture in the sandbox using the shovel and four molds that include a sand castle, a starfish, a turtle and a shell; the moldable sand will hold its shape until you take it down and start again - no need to wait for the tide

When the sun gets too hot, grab a soft drink or icy treat at the counter - two of each are included

Or simply relax and get into the swing of vacation - the set has a chair swing that hangs from the hut's ceiling and a hammock that hangs between the Tiki Hut and the palm tree

Chelsea doll is ready to dive into storytelling fun wearing a pink top with pineapple graphic, blue skirt with pineapple print and pink pineapple-inspired sandals


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